Website maintenance

Website maintenance

We handle the technical aspect of your digital project.

Corrective, preventive or evolutive maintenance, web hosting and domain name - none of these things might mean much to you, yet they're necessary for your website or web application to run smoothly. But don't worry, we're here to support you and, if necessary, take care of the entire technical management of your digital project.

The value of maintenance

Maintenance of websites and applications is a crucial aspect of what we call technical management. It covers all the tasks required to guarantee the availability, security and performance of a website. It also includes regular updates to ensure that the site remains fully functional in terms of plugins, content and security standards.

Our maintenance services

We provide you with a custom maintenance contract that's tailored to your needs. Indeed, a fairly recent presentation site won't have the same maintenance needs as a substantial e-commerce site that's been up and running for several years!

  • Updating the CMS version used on the site, such as WordPress, Prestashop, etc.
  • Regular updating and cleaning of site plugins and modules
  • Regular site backups
  • Correction of security vulnerabilities
  • Correction of bugs, malfunctions and other site issues within a reasonable timeframe, or on short notice if it's urgent
  • Cleaning up a pirated site and restoring its security conformance
  • Preventing avoidable failures through preventive maintenance
  • Improving and optimizing site functionality with evolutionary maintenance

Our website management services

To save you the trouble of managing your website, we can take care of everything technical, such as:

  • Rental of hosting space for your site
  • Acquisition or renewal of one or more domain names
  • Acquisition and configuration of professional e-mail addresses for your business
  • Setting up an SSL certificate
  • Backup of your data

Maintenance contract

To keep your website running at peak performance, we offer a Third-Party Application Maintenance (TMA) service to handle regular updates, corrections and potential upgrades.

What's it for?

  • Take advantage of the latest features and functionalities to enhance your website.
  • Secure your site against piracy by eliminating all security vulnerabilities.
  • Ensure optimum compatibility between your web application code and your hosting service.
  • Keep up to date with current web-related best practices and recommendations.

How does it work?

By enrolling in our contract, you receive a certain number of intervention tickets that can be used over a renewable period of one year.

Each ticket is equivalent to 15 minutes of intervention, regardless of the type of work involved. Counting starts as soon as each quarter-hour of intervention has begun.

If the expected workload is longer than 5 days, a specific estimate will be provided.

How much does it cost?

The website maintenance contract in itself is free. We set up a ticket system that only charges you for the tasks performed, with a minimum of 15 minutes per task. This means that you're only charged for the time actually spent on each task!

The 15-minute per-task ticket system is to your advantage, as it provides greater cost transparency and avoids unnecessary charges for tasks that took less time than expected.

Types of technical assistance

Technical update 📥

We update your content management system (CMS) to ensure optimum functionality as well as the latest security features for your website.

Support and training 💁🏽

We provide personalized assistance to help you make the most of your website's features, and we help you set up and optimize your website's settings.

Graphic adjustment 🎨

We update your website's design to ensure that it's always up to date and meets the changing needs of your business and your audience.

Technical audit 🔎

We conduct an extensive audit of all or a particular section of your site, in which we focus on technical, graphical or functional aspects to identify areas for improvement.

Tips and recommendations 💡

We suggest ways to improve or upgrade your website according to your business goals and the needs of your target audience.

Technical adjustment 🧰

We update your website's custom developments to make them compatible with the latest version of your CMS or hosting system.

the right solution to your needs

Our maintenance solutions

We provide three main types of website maintenance, each with its own specific purposes and tasks.

Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance is the best way to correct bugs, errors and dysfunctions on a site, and aims to repair them as efficiently as possible. In short, corrective maintenance occurs after the damage has been done. An issue is detected, the technical team is alerted and corrective action is taken.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is another important type of website maintenance. As its name suggests, it aims to prevent future problems and malfunctions by carrying out regular checks and keeping the site up to date.

The website version itself, the programming languages used, and the plug-ins are updated regularly to avoid obsolescence, which can lead to security breaches and other inconveniences.

Evolutionary maintenance

Evolutionary maintenance is when improvements, new features and optimizations are added to a website or web application, to enhance the user experience or improve management on the administrator side.

Depending on what you decide to add or improve, it can take more or less time to implement.

What is website management?


Web hosting

What is it?

Web hosting is, simply put, the rental of storage space on a server to host your website. Indeed, your website has to be stored somewhere so that it can be accessed online! There are several kinds of hosting, the most common being shared hosting, and each offers its own advantages and price range.


Domain name

What is a domain name?

A domain name is simply the unique address of a website on the Internet. You need it to launch your digital project online, as it is used by everyone to access the site through a browser. You're free to choose a name that represents your company, provided it's not already in use! However, it can't be bought in the true sense of the word: it's rented for a given period, and must be renewed before the end of the term to remain yours.

Reaching for the stars together


Find the answers you need

Because entrusting your digital projects to an agency is no small matter, we'll gladly answer any questions you may have about our services or work approach.

Can I take care of my site's maintenance on my own?

It all depends on your skills and the needs of your website. Setting up a maintenance contract is often necessary to any new or existing website or web app. Indeed, if maintenance is not properly carried out or even at all, updates cannot be made. And as standards and regulations regularly evolve, you might be in for a surprise as security breaches might arise. Recourse to corrective maintenance once the damage has been done will cost you more in the end!

Is a maintenance contract required?

Not at all, but we strongly recommend that you do set up one! In the event of a breakdown, an intervention undertaken outside the scope of a maintenance contract could cost you considerably more.

How many tickets do I need for my project?

The recommendation depends on the type of site and the frequency of updates required. As a general rule, for a classic CMS (such as WordPress), we suggest you choose a set of 64 tickets per year.

How can I track the number of tickets used?

We keep an ongoing record of the number of tickets purchased and used for each client. Upon signature of the contract, a link is provided so that you can follow the status and use of tickets in detail.

My site is down! How quickly can I expect assistance?

Our team tries to be as attentive and quick to react as we can be. We make our clients' business our priority, which is why we do our best to get our support team to intervene promptly. Our support also extends beyond the Studio's working hours, and we are committed to providing a response within a maximum of 4 hours in cases of urgency.