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Custom development

Custom development

We design your next digital project.

Sometimes, to meet specific needs, a simple website or online store may not be enough. CMS such as WordPress and Prestashop have their limits, and you might need to consider a custom development solution to meet your requirements.

A solution tailored to your needs

More and more companies are turning to agencies offering custom web application development.

This solution is fully customizable as you are the one who sets the rules. The web app can be linked to your own internal tools to enable complete management of your business. The main advantage of a wep app lies in its cross-platform nature: while software is often confined to its operating system, a wep app can be accessed from any device connected to the internet.

Our vision 💫

Custom development is a very broad field. Indeed, there are as many web applications as there are client requests. This is why we take the time to fully understand your needs before examining your request. Only then will we be able to design the most appropriate solution.

What we offer  🧐

  • The design of a user data management application, such as an educational or reservation platform
  • The creation of an organizational tool capable of managing customer reservations in the form of a calendar
  • The upgrade of an existing application to implement one or more major features
  • The takeover of an application and the implementation of a corrective maintenance plan.

And all the maintenance you need 🔧 

As our technical department handles both occasional and routine maintenance and management, we take care of those solutions for you:

  • Domain name acquisition and renewal
  • Web hosting setup and configuration
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Occasional intervention to fix major issues and errors

a clear idea of your needs

Why choose a custom solution?

Maybe you are planning on developing a management solution as a web application for your business. Or you may wish to create an online educational platform with a specific number of features. Perhaps your company need to adapt one of its internal applications to the web and simplify its use... While the possibilities are endless, the answer is always the same: you need custom development.

The same goes for your technical requirements in terms of usability, security and user experience. Since everything is flexible and customizable, custom development can last you a long time, especially when combined with a maintenance contract that lets you sleep soundly at night.

understanding your solution

Our technology

Vue JS

This progressive and flexible JavaScript framework helps us create interactive, scalable web applications through its intuitive syntax. Thanks to this technology and its ability to create reusable components, we can design dynamic interfaces in no time!


Laravel is one of the most known open-source PHP frameworks. Thanks to its simple structure, it allows developers to create complex web applications with very little code, saving time (and money) in the process.

JS Vanilla

As fluent in PHP as in JavaScript, we're used to working with this programming language for many of our projects. In its purest form, it has the advantage of operating without libraries, thus considerably making the overall project lighter.

React JS

React JS is a popular JavaScript library that has (almost) no secrets for us. The Studio's technical team is particularly fond of this technology, due to its outstanding performance.

a solution for every need

More about web design

The presentation site

Ideal for presenting your business in a simple and attractive way, this kind of site comes in many shapes and sizes. It's the perfect option for anyone whose needs aren't too complex and who doesn't sell online.

picture of a shop window
A woman shopping online


You wish to sell your products online? Then a simple presentation site is no longer enough for you and it's time to consider launching an e-commerce site. We build our clients' e-boutiques with care and attention.

our design steps

We take good care of everything

We are all about feedback and a clear line of communication: at all times, we'll keep you up to date on the progress of your project.


Meet us

Over a coffee in Strasbourg or by Zoom call, we take the time with you to gain an in-depth insight into what you need and what you want.


Our offer

After a thorough analysis, we define the most suitable solution for your digital project. Together, we adjust the details to match your deadlines and budget.


Design process

Once everything is clear to you and agreed upon, we start the design process. We involve you as much as possible, so that you can keep track of what we're doing.



This is it, your project is completed and launched online! We help you get used to your new app, and let you enjoy the experience!

Reaching for the stars together

Our other solutions

Need something else?

Neon lightbulb

Communication & SEO

Communication and marketing are major assets for any new project or existing website. To energize our clients’ digital strategy, we provide content writing, SEO campaigns and community management.

Illustration of a lotus flower

Graphic design & identity

Web design and graphic design work together! We create unique, customized themes for our clients' websites, with a graphic style adapted to your world. We also handle your visual identity from logo design to the creation of a complete graphic charter.

Picture of a laptop

Website maintenance

Because a site can't run without strong foundations and proper maintenance, technical support is another core element of our agency. If you don't have the skills to manage your website, we take care of everything while you focus on your business.


Find the answers you need

Because entrusting your digital projects to an agency is no small matter, we'll gladly answer any questions you may have about our services or work approach.

Will my web app be adapted to all devices?

Of course! All our custom developments and applications are designed to be fully compatible with tablet and mobile devices. During the design phase, our developers work on both desktop and mobile layouts to ensure a user-friendly experience for everyone.

I need prompt, efficient maintenance for my application project. Can you handle this?

The needs of web apps in terms of maintenance are often greater than those of simple websites, mainly because it's a much more complex solution which involves the processing of user data. As a result, technical issues of various levels of severity occur more frequently. At our agency, we provide you with a maintenance service that guarantees close monitoring and quick intervention in case of trouble.