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Let us tell you the story of Studio Seja 💫 

December 2020
It’s our meeting in the classroom that shaped the destiny of what would become Studio Seja.
picture of cci campus alsace
July 2021
Freshly graduated, we enjoy the success of our studies and hope to one day work together again.
team picture during graduation
March 2022
After having nurtured this web agency idea, Jordan and Emilien ask Steve and Anaïs to join them!

Studio Seja takes shape.

conversation screenshot
October 2022
official launch🌌
The desire to stand on our own two feet officially gives birth to Studio Seja, the digital and creative agency.
December 2022
The challenge of a first major project arises: the e-commerce agency ATI4 needs a complete makeover of its web platform.
first project ati4group
Photo du CEO d'Ati4 Group

"We called on Studio SEJA to redesign our WordPress site, but didn't want a mishmash of plug-ins. Therefore, they developed what we needed to be independent.

They met our deadlines and came up with some interesting upgrades, all within budget.

Working with them is a real pleasure."

Olivier HAESEN, Co-Founder of ATI4 Group

February 2023
Just 4 months after the launch of the Studio, we welcome our first international client ✨ 
international project le festif
April 2023
Time to chill after all that good work! Thanks to our vitality partner, we organize a team-building weekend in the heart of nature to strengthen our bonds and boost our creativity even further.
team picture in the vosges
May 2023
We're in the news! Studio Seja is featured in the May issue of Point Eco Alsace, in which we are interviewed as CCI Campus Alsace alumni.
journal article picture
October 2023
happy birthday 🎂
Happy 1st birthday to our Studio! It's been such an eventful year, from exciting new projects to moving into a new place and growing the team... We can't wait to see what the next year might have in store for us!
article de journal du point eco alsace

Meet the team

The spark of fun behind the Studio



Founding Partner & Communication Manager

With both an English degree and a programming training background, Anaïs is the perfect combination of technical and creative talents. Her experience in communication, writing and web design makes her the Studio's jack-of-all trades. Her main areas of expertise are content writing and SEO.

Membre de l'équipe Anaïs


Founding Partner & Project Manager

Both visionary and highly organized, Jordan is the backbone of the Studio. His experience in sales, communications and marketing, combined with his experience in web design, make him a resourceful asset. He's like an orchestra conductor and will see to the quality and smooth running of your digital project.

Membre de l'équipe Jordan


Founding Partner & Lead Developer

The only one to have always been a developer, Emilien is whom we lovingly refer to as our little genius. Nothing scares him, not even new technology, and it's often he who drives the Studio towards groundbreaking new ideas. And don't let his young age fool you because he runs our agency's development unit like no one else!

Membre de l'équipe Emilien


Founding Partner & Full-Stack Developer

Steve has very little interest in the creative side of things. He believes in technology in all its forms and will put it to good use for our clients! As a relentless full-stack developer, you'll usually find him working alongside Emilien, at the head of the Studio's technical unit. He's the stable anchor of our agency and we can count on him to build our user-friendly, secure and high-quality websites.

Membre de l'équipe Steve
photo du membre de l'équipe Anaïspicture of team member Joesphoto du membre de l'équipe Emilienpicture of team member Steve

our values

What we strive to be

Eco friendly

To avoid unnecessary waste and environmental damage

Both in our daily lives and at work, we try to do all we can to reduce our energy footprint. Setting ambitious goals isn't that easy when you work in the digital sector, because simply saying no to paper isn't enough to be considered a green agency.

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At our level, we chose to implement as many small and less small steps as possible to avoid over-consumption. This involves optimizing our use of digital resources, as well as making our websites as ergonomic and lightweight as possible.

Rather than buying brand new products, we opt to work with reconditioned equipment to give a second life to what is perfectly functional. We also avoid driving as much as possible and we ride bicycles and use public transport to meet our clients in Strasbourg. Outside of the city, we meet you via Zoom calls!


Of new tools and technology

Since the web is constantly evolving, today's tools can become obsolete tomorrow. In our sector, we understand that we just never stop learning and innovating.

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From programming languages to web marketing strategy tools and social media best practices, everything moves at incredible speed. The same goes for creativity, which is so important to us.

Keeping an eye on new tech is part of the daily routine of a proper digital agency, and it's what allows us to provide you with the most up-to-date, secure and ergonomic solutions for all your projects.


No nasty surprises on the bill

Don't we all hate fees and other nasty surprises hidden in tiny lines at the bottom of the contract? Aren't we all suspicious of unclear and misleading estimates?

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As customers of other companies ourselves, in both our professional and personal lives, we're always a little worried about wasting money, or even being completely tricked...

At the Studio, we believe that nothing can be achieved without open and transparent communication between you and us. Our offers and estimates are personalized, straightforward, and include only what we agreed on beforehand. Our deals must be fair and honest for everyone: our solutions and services must be worth their price to you, and justly represent our work.


Because we see you as a person, not an invoice

We're committed to involving you in every stage of your project, so that you can always be confident that we're heading in the right direction. Understanding your reasons, your expectations, your customers, your brand and your requirements are our top priorities!

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Before we make you an offer, we take the time to understand your motives and your needs. Throughout the design process, we check in with you on a regular basis so that you can keep track of our progress and share your comments with us. We also make sure to train you in any use you might make of your new website, and if you wish, we give you complete peace of mind by taking care of its maintenance!

Why choose to work with a digital agency?

Because it's impossible to stay away from the web any longer

Quite right!

These days, there isn't a single successful company that doesn't benefit from its own digital presence! A well-designed website, an intuitive and efficient e-shop, a visual brand identity, proper community management and the deployment of an SEO strategy are tools and supports that you can no longer ignore.

Because proper communication is vital to your brand

All right...

It was already true before the digital era: a strong communication between companies and their customers made all the difference. In a world where everything has been sped up by the web and visibility can almost be overnight, a good marketing and communications strategy sets you apart from your rivals. Community management, tailored to your audience and as natural as can be, is the key to success!

To sell, you need to be seen

What does that mean?

Visibility on the web is what everyone's fighting over. Search engine optimization (SEO) or paid search (SEA or Ads campaigns) are methods that have proved their worth more than once in terms of digital traffic! After all, the concept is simple: the more visible you are on Google, the higher your traffic rate, and the more leads and sales you'll generate.

Reaching for the stars together