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Le Festif

Redesign & UX

Website Redesign


Le Festif, a renowned festival in Quebec City, asked us to redesign a major part of their website: the Program page. They wished for a complete redesign of the page with of new colors and fonts. They also needed a complete makeover of the way the festival's program was displayed, to make navigation smoother and more intuitive. We also added a search bar on the FAQ page.

The challenges

For its new edition, Le Festif had identified several needs:


-     A revamped user interface for the Program page, to make it more user-friendly and intuitive.

-     An update of the page's graphic design using new colors and fonts to give this new edition a fresh look.

-     A search bar to sort frequently asked questions on the FAQ page.

What we did

We were delighted to help Le Festif improve their website! Here's how we met their needs:


-     Following their guidelines and mockup, we integrated a new interface for the Program page, in which events are sorted not only by time slot, but also by stage,vertically, for better readability and easier navigation.

-     We freshened up the look of the page with a new color palette and font, based on the mockup provided to us.

-     We reworked and optimized the code for the programming part of the site, thereby improving its performance and responsiveness, for a better user experience.

-     We added a dynamic search bar above the frequently asked questions, to sort them by question and answer based on the user's input.

-     Finally, we conducted a post-launch follow-up to ensure our client's satisfaction and check the efficiency of our solutions.

le festif project
le festif project
le festif project
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