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Complete graphic identity

Graphic Identity

Logo Design

We helped LC COBA launch their new business. For them, everything had to be designed: logo, graphic charter, website, social media, search engine optimization and more. In the first stage of our collaboration, we began by creating a complete graphic identity that reflected their values and personal wishes.

The challenges

To start their activity, LC COBA needed:

  • A professional logo that would reflect their vision.
  • To define the graphic universe of the new company, so that it would be identifiable and have its own unique identity.
  • A graphic charter to reflect the newly created visual identity, as well as web and print mockups for any support they might need.
  • A domain name and hosting space for the future site, and access to related business e-mail addresses.

What we did

We were committed to helping LC COBA launch theiractivity.

We designed for them:

  • A unique and attractive logo and its variants, representing their values and embodying the symbolic elements of the personal and professional history of the two leaders.
  • A complete visual identity with color palette, typography, design elements, and images.
  • A comprehensive graphic charter representing the visual identity to help them make use of it through different supports.
  • The design of business cards, as well as Word and PowerPoint templates.
  • The design of social media banners.
  • Rental of the domain name and hosting space for the website that we will build for themat a later stage.
  • Creation and configuration of professional e-mail addresses.
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lccoba project
lccoba project
lccoba project
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