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When ATI4 Group, an agency specializing in e-commerce, contacted us, they were looking for a platform that would reflect their identity through a complete redesign. In this project, we combined our technical skills and creativity with the simple goal of creating something unique for them: the website they would be proud to share with their clients and partners.

The challenges

For ATI4 Group, it had become essential to work on thenext 3 axes:

  • A more modern design for their website, uncluttered and minimalistic, to stand out and reflect their appeal for digital innovation.
  • Completely rethink the site's structure, content and layout, so as to start from a clear, new foundation and look more attractive to both clients and future employees.
  • Integrate a strong SEO aspect to the site, which did not exist at the time, to gain visibility both locally and internationally, and better establish themselves as e-commerce leaders.

What we did

Faced with these challenges, we developed thefollowing solutions to best meet ATI4's needs:

  • We entirely redesigned the site with a clean, minimalist graphic layout in line with their brand image, then integrated it into the site, using animations to make navigation fluid and fun.
  • With both SEO and UX in mind, we rethought the very structure of the site by suggesting a new and relevant arborescence. We enhanced this structure by working on the internal linking when integrating the custom WordPress blocks we created. To give them total control over their site, we made our blocks as customizable and easy to integrate as possible.
  • We completely redesigned the way they present their expertise, their team, their projects, their partners and their news, making maximum use of their own visual resources, to reflect their activity and corporate life as attractively and accurately as possible. We also integrated a job recruitment section into the site, to promote available opportunities and ease the application process for future employees.
  • We improved the site's SEO by not only correcting all technical items through the redesign, but also by offering complete SEO content writing. We also integrated structured data and set up more advanced tracking tools.
  • To meet their need for international reach, we set up a multilingual solution that included English translation of their content.
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ati4group project
ati4group project
ati4group project
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