Graphic Design

Graphic design

We design your next project with passion.

As a key element of digital marketing and communications, graphic design is all around us. From company logos to color palettes and fonts, graphic design elements enhance the visual experience of every web user.

The basics

Visual identity is like a company's façade: it must be consistent and allow users to identify the brand they are looking at. This is not a new concept, but one that has become even more important in today's digital age.

What does graphic identity consist of? 🤔

Among the elements that constitute the visual identity of a brand or business, we most often find:

  • The logo
  • The colors, or chromatic palette
  • Fonts
  • Decorative items, such as icons, shapes or illustrations
  • Images used on communication supports

With or without extra assistance 🤝

And for those of you with no experience in the digital world and who may feel a little overwhelmed: no worries. As experts in our field, we'll be there to support and advise you throughout your adventure in the wonderful world of communications.

The advantages of graphic design 💡 

To begin with, developing your graphic identity helps to build trust with web users. If you keep changing your logo too often, never use the same font or pay no attention to colors, you can be sure that users will have trouble identifying you, and you might not generate as many leads as you'd like!

Graphic design helps you publish quality posts and ads, and is an essential part of your communication and digital marketing strategy.

the right solution to your needs

Our graphic design solutions

As a creative agency, we take pleasure in imagining your visual identity through graphic design.

Logo design

Maybe you're thinking of starting a business and need a logo, but don't have the skills to design it yourself. Or perhaps you'd like to have your logo redesigned to better match your brand image? The Studio will take great pleasure in designing your logo, in accordance with your wishes and comments.

a graphic designer working
a designer working on a mockup

Website layout design

As one of the first steps in web design, the mock-up or layout of the website's pages allows us to visualize the design before development. As a creative agency, we just love to create tailor-made themes for our clients' websites. That way, they can fully visualize and check out the details of their new website beforehand.

Graphic charter

When you're building a visual identity for your brand from scratch, you need to produce a graphic charter. This item brings together all the graphic elements such as the logos, fonts, colors, images, and sets out guidelines and rules for their use.

The graphic charter is of prime importance as it ensures consistent use of visual elements and prevents, for example, company employees from using the wrong colors or logo when creating their documents.

a designer working on colors
a graphic designer planning

Complete graphic identity

At the Studio, we offer our clients who are starting from scratch the opportunity to work with us to build their complete visual identity.

Together, we decide what is appropriate to design for your company, and this usually includes the logos, fonts, colors, visual themes, graphic guidelines and various visuals used for social media.

Designing web & print visuals

Businesses regularly need a wide range of graphic visuals for their internal and external communications.

The Studio's graphic design team can create your visuals and digital layouts for your social media, infographics, business cards or anything you'd like us to do for you.

a man working on print

The right time to work on your graphic identity


When starting a business


What better time to build your identity than when you start your business? With nothing yet firmly in place, and everything still to be done, it's the perfect time to think carefully about how you want to communicate, and how you want to look.


Throughout your communication strategy

Which means?

If your company has been in business for some time, but you're unhappy with its visual appearance and want to give it a fresh look, our graphic designers can help you. They will design a more modern graphic identity that reflects your brand's image.


When redesigning or creating a website

Tell me more!

To create or redesign your website, you need us to work on the graphic layout of the pages. This can be a good time to review your visual identity and make some change.

our design steps

We take good care of everything

We are all about feedback and a clear line of communication: at all times, we'll keep you up to date on the progress of your project.


Meet us

Over a coffee in Strasbourg or by Zoom call, we take the time with you to gain an in-depth insight into what you need and what you want.


Project analysis

Once we've studied your project, we select the solution best suited to your needs in graphic design.


Design process

Once you've understood and confirmed everything, our graphic designer starts to work while keeping you up-to-date.



That's it, all you have to do is relax, enjoy your new visual identity and focus on your own business!

Reaching for the stars together


Find the answers you need

Because entrusting your digital projects to an agency is no small matter, we'll gladly answer any questions you may have about our services or work approach.

What types of media do you work on?

As a digital communications agency, we work mainly on digital supports, but we can also handle your needs on print supports, such as the design and printing of your business cards, thanks to our partners.

I'm not from Strasbourg nor France, can we still work together?

Of course we can! We're based in Strasbourg, but we also work all over France and abroad. Some of our clients are based in Canada, the Netherlands or the UK! We'd be delighted to meet you for a Zoom call, so you can tell us all about your needs.